All profits from Salvos Stores goes to essential programs run by The Salvation Army.
By shopping at Salvos Stores, you are supporting these programs and helping those less fortunate.

Bradley's Story

Bradley had struggled for years with mental health issues. But when he was victimised in a violent crime, his battle became even tougher. As well as the physical and mental trauma, he had to deal with the set back it caused in his studies. He had lost hundreds of school hours in legal appointments and court hearings. But when Bradley found the Salvos, he found support and encouragement, and the confidence he needed to achieve his dream of completing Year 10. We didn't just see a lost soul, we saw the young guy looking for someone to believe in him.

Rachael's Story

When Rachael's husband died in a road accident, she didn't just lose her best friend and the father of her children, she lost her life as she knew it. Then, when she and her five month old daughter and four year old son had to move from their home, she lost the only safe place they had to go. But when Rachael and her family found the Salvos, they found a new place to live and the security they needed to get by. We didn't just see a family in crisis, we saw a family with a bright future ahead.

Jess' Story

When Jess and her husband Michael came to Australia from Sudan, she lost her sense of belonging, her security and her identity. When the financial strain took its toll on their marriage and Michael left the family, she lost her husband and her ability to buy food for her children. Then, when her landlord refused to provide heating or hot water in her home, she lost all hope. But when she found the Salvos she found a fresh start. She found people who were willing to work on her behalf to set things right. We didn't just see the vulnerable, we saw the chance to give someone a fresh start.

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